Touchdown for Homes

   I am so proud of BAMP (Builders Association of Metropolitan Pittsburgh) and the 80 member companies who stepped up and donated time, manpower and material to redo Marine Sgt Josh Caskey’s home in Cranberry Twp this past week. This project was in association with the NFLPA but the commitment and volunteers reached deep into the community as neighbors contributed not only their time, but their front yards as well. It was a great example of people working together when no one is looking to take the credit. The Caskey family came home last Friday, August 24th, to a completely remodeled home.


It's that time again...

Football season is upon us!!  And, I promise this football season will be different…I’m not going to get distracted this fall like I did over the summer and just let the time pass me by!!  It will be different…


How?  Well, in the past I had great intentions of sharing my opinions with all of you…giving you an insight here or there whether you liked it or not. But the road to hell is paved with good intentions and I let some opportunities slide by. You haven’t heard from me for a while, so I’m putting you on notice… I’m coming back, and I’m coming back strong! 


I have a new website. Actually it is my old one with new “guts”. It just makes it easier for us to communicate with all of you. If you like to read blogs, I will have one on various topics. You all know that blogs are nothing more than opinions, observations & experiences…and we all have those…these will be mine.  I will also have a little column, every now and then, called “Thoughts from the Gym”…this is where I get “nitty gritty” about what is happening in the world…so keep your eyes open for that.


So there you have it…it's a new’s a new day…a new football season…a new website…a new blog…see you around!

NFL Alumni Golf Tournament

On Monday July 16th, I played in the NFL Alumni Golf Tournament sponsored by Heinz & supporting The Wounded Warrior Project.  Pictured is my group from Star-Kist…yes, that’s me in the middle, with Linn Soo, Pat, Steve & Sam.  Despite the heat we had a great time!



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